Global Youth Forum For Food, Agriculture & Land (GYFAL)


The Global Youth Forum for Food, Agriculture and Land (GYFAL) has become an official participant in UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon´s Zero Hunger Challenge. This global call-to-action aims to build support around achieving food security for all, stating that hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes.

For 2015, GYFAL is preparing a series of events and projects at global level, to help achieve the Zero Hunger vision and the five specific elements of this challenge:

ºZero stunted children less than 2 years

º100% access to adequate food all year round

ºAll food systems are sustainable

º100% increase in smallholder productivity and income

ºZero loss or waste of food

“I am not proposing a new goal. I am sharing my vision for the future. A future where all people can enjoy their fundamental Right to Food; where people’s livelihoods and food systems are resilient and able to withstand a changing climate,” said Ban Ki-moon.

GYFAL shares the UN Secretary-General´s vision and thus commits to supporting the Zero Hunger Challenge, strategizing at global level and implementing programs and initiatives at local level, through its network of members.

GYFAL calls on national and local level youth led organizations and youth activists to collaborate in the implementation of its Zero Hunger Challenge events and activities. Through joint action, we will help achieve the five specific elements of the call-to-action and bring the world closer to GYFAL´s vision - availability of and access to adequate, safe and nutritious food for all the people, globally.

GYFAL is a common forum that facilitates the global partnership and participation of young people at local, national and international level to address food insecurity through country-wise representation, collective advocacy and action. Using the voice of Youth 4 Food, GYFAL´s mission is to create a platform where young people, youth leaders and youth led organizations can come together and share their knowledge, experiences, skills and resources to combat food insecurity or crisis.


According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UNFAO), 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry every night. Although MDG 1 (Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger) made progress in the last 15 years, hunger and malnutrition rates in the world continue to grow and are accelerating. By 2050, there will be 9 billion people in the world and less farmland and resources than there’s ever been.

Agricultural production and food security largely depends on access to land and prioritization of securing land rights of small-scale farmers. Today, a large number of people lack adequate and secure access to land. It has been found that young people too often lack access to the land needed to engage in agriculture. Given that about 43% of the world population in under 25, engaging youth on agricultural production is one of the most important measures for ensuring food security in the future. But at the same time, there should be appropriate policy, adequate financial investment and incentives from the governmental level. 

GYFAL was born from the urge to tackle these food security issues around the world. GYFAL will try to minimize the extent of the food crisis by making national and global governments or leaders compelled to ensure food security for all with youth led policy advocacy and action.

Several international bodies are working towards ensuring food security for all. In particular, the UN Secretary-General has launched the Zero Hunger Challenge to tackle food security issues around the world, under the belief that “Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetime.”

In this sense, GYFAL and the UN Secretary-General have aligned visions and, through its actions, GYFAL is committed to help achieve Zero Hunger. GYFAL has become an official Zero Hunger Challenge participant and is actively working towards making zero hunger a reality for all.


  • Raise awareness on food security issues around the world, the urgency of the situation and the real possibility to end hunger in our lifetimes.
  • Raise awareness on the UN actions against hunger and particularly on the Zero Hunger Challenge, encouraging people to take action and participate in this global movement.
  • Emphasize the role of youth in achieving the Zero Hunger Challenge, as well as to the need for them to have access to the necessary resources to achieve it, regarding food, agriculture and land.
  • Create a global movement and mobilizing the people against hunger, by organizing the march at the same time (6 PM – 7 PM local time) in multiple locations around the globe.
  • Create momentum for the zero hunger vision to be acknowledged and acted towards, especially amongst youth.


Global Youth March against Hunger

As an output to achieve Zero Hunger Challenge, GYFAL is organizing the Global Youth March against Hunger on Oct 16, World Food Day, internationally celebrated in the honor of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Around the world, youth leaders, youth organizations and people from their communities who support the cause of Zero Hunger will march the streets of their cities to raise awareness on the urgency of the food security issues. They will thus encourage governments to take immediate action against hunger, creating policies that would ensure availability of and access to nutritious food for all.

GYFAL sets the time at Zero Hunger Hour

For the date, October 16, GYFAL has declared the Zero Hunger Hour between 6 PM – 7 PM local time, worldwide. The Global Youth March against hunger will take place during the Zero Hunger Hour and will be a collective action, globally manifested by youth and the supporters of the Zero Hunger Challenge cause around the world.

Zero Hunger Hour online
During the Global Youth March against Hunger, GYFAL will channel all the voices of youth and other people fighting against hunger through social media in a dedicated section called “Set your clock at Zero Hunger Hour”, giving a start to a very real, intense, sustained and 100% achievable Zero Hunger Challenge for all.


Andreea Bordei

Chief Communications and Partnerships Officer